It began with an idea from a person who dreamt of starting his own business. With great vision, a passion for change, and all the right skills. Together, he established JUJU KANDL

The Origin

 Juju is the childhood nickname that my sister gave me, but as I got older and found out what Juju means, I wanted to incorporate it into my business. Juju is good or bad luck, stemming from an object, potion, or spell supernatural power attributed to a charm. Good Juju is a handshake with Spirit, and you consistently keep with your higher power, deities, ancestors, and divine beings. Good Juju recognizes that you are not alone on your path. 


From the begging, Juju Kandls mission has been all about spreading good vibes and positivity. 

How I Started 

I knew I would need to pay for many things, so I put money away to start. I purchased soy wax from suppliers in the USA and wicks all the way from Laguna Beach California, along with any other supplies I would need to get products made. After making the products they were photographed and posted on JUJUKANDL.COM  to be purchased domestically.